Our Mission

Our vision is to be an recognized private training institute known for excellence in student learning, innovative research, and community engagement that contributes to the economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and quality of life in the Kuwait region and beyond.

Welcome to Universal Institute, Kuwait

Universal Institute was started and is managed by a group of educated professionals in the field of engineering and entrepreneurship with a mission to enable individuals, business firms and corporate enterprises, to achieve greater success by providing knowledge, technical skills and IT training. The Institute is recognized by Ministry of Education, Kuwait.

Universal Institute provides a comprehensive education environment to individuals and enterprises, offerings training that is customized to the varied needs of professionals with diverse backgrounds. The institute has convenient study schedules, quality study material and high caliber specialist staff to provide quality professional training and education. The staff is well versed in conducting group discussions, seminars, preparation of assignments, and setting up test papers and model exams for the students.

Our Mission

Universal Institute mission is to enhance the cultural and economic qualities of urban life by providing access throughout the life span to a quality liberal education for undergraduates and an appropriate array of professional and graduate programs especially relevant to Kuwait.

Universal Institute is very professional institute that provide knowledge to their students, it has a very professional teacher that may affect to contact them. It was a great example of myself learning from zero, within a week a week I have learned a lot and almost everything related to course .
Syed GP, Webmaintainer Inc.

The course was great. I feel the instructor coached and provided all the necessary training and information and also applied a good means of explaining and teaching the various methods.
Jack Lomax, Kuwait City.