Diploma Courses from Indo-British Academy

Education is the keystone of a human being's growth and evolution in both career and life. It helps in proper growth in life and gives a sort of confidence, which brings great respectability. We believe in the same and started with the said commitment in the year 1977. The main theme of our work approach is to impart practical and result-oriented education after a thorough and elaborate study of Architectural, Engineering and Construction requirements. Towards this end there lies a dynamic team of dedicated faculty members who will provide the necessary impetus to shape a student's overall career personality in the said subjects.

Diploma Interior Designing

Helps one to become an Interior Designer.

Duration: 9 Months (basic + advance).

Syllabus: Theory of Interiors, Designing Aspects, Plan, Section, Elevation, Architectural Drawings, Building Materials, Colour Wheel and Colour Schemes, Arches, Doors, Windows, Furniture Graphics, Isometric View, Axometric view, Lighting and Electricals, Decorating the interior and Self Planning.

Advanced: 1 &2 interior perspectives, Vaastu Shastra in planning, Feng Shui for interiors, Site visits, Market survey, Estimating & Costing and Project Work (2D and 3D Basic)

Diploma Civil Draughtsmanship

Helps to prepare the scaled out drawings as Draughtsman.

Duration: 6 months alternate days/3 months daily.

Syllabus: Course Introduction, Signs of material, Different Scales, Method of measurements, Area calculation in metric and British system and conversion tables, Building Drawings, Preparation of different plans, Orientation, References and Site practicals.

Diploma Architecture Draughtsmanship

Helps one to become an Architectural Draughtsman or an Assistant Architect.

Duration: 6 months-full time.

Syllabus: Covers the total course of draughtsmanship - Own Designing and Planning of Independent Houses, Residential and Commercial Buildings with total requirements and Working Drawings, Presentation Drawings, Alternate plans, Schematic Drawings, Furniture Layouts, Floor Space Index, Floor Area Ratio, Building Views and also buildings model-making, Exteriors and interiors with colouring, Estimating and Costing

Diploma Estimating and Costing

Helps to give the probable cost before taking up the construction of any project.

Duration: 3 months

Syllabus: Study of drawings and specifications, Construction materials, Labour and market rates, Measurements and Calculations, Quantities of materials, Method of Estimation, Total abstract and cost of a building.

Practicals: Visit to construction sites, survey of the building materials, etc.