Financials & Reporting

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Financial Reporting

This course aims to introduce students to selected issues in financial reporting. The students should be familiar with financial reporting issues in the international context. The course is based on International Financial Reporting Standards, and also referring to US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The course will also provide opportunities for practicing problem solving, oral communication and creative writing skills in English.

Assessment – Individual Work - 20%
Group project presentation - 20%
Written report on case analysis - 10%
Final Examination-Close book (2hours) - 50%

Part 1 A General Introduction to Financial Reporting

Chapter 1: Accounting standards and financial reporting
Chapter 2: Conceptual Framework
Chapter3: Accounting Information system
Chapter 4: Income Statement and Statement of changes in owners’ equity
Chapter 5: Statement of financial position and statement of cash flows

Part 2 Major issues in financial reporting

Chapter 6: Cash and Receivables
Chapter 7: Inventory
Chapter 8: PPE and Intangibles
Chapter 9: Liabilities and owner’s equity