Corporate Training in Kuwait

The universal institute was founded in 2002 by a group of highly educated engineering and entrepreneurship professionals with a mission to help individuals, businesses, and corporations achieve greater success by providing information, technical skills, and IT training.The Institute is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Kuwait.

Our corporate training in Kuwait programs offers more than just language training. We tailor training programs for each individual company. All the elements of the program are geared towards your aims and objectives. Our professional trainers are highly qualified individuals who possess excellent interpersonal skills. We tailor training programs for each individual company.


  • To deliver high-quality, industry-relevant learning opportunities.
  • Establishing a desire to study that leads to high-quality personal and professional development.
  • Individuals and organisations are mentored so that they can make a meaningful contribution to their organisations and the Kuwait community as a whole

So if you are interested in Corporate Training, get certification training today.

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